Advertising Terms and Conditions

1. Temerity Ventures LLC is a network of career web sites, job fairs, and recruitment specialists that connect employers with job seekers. Temerity Ventures LLC, hereafter referred to as “The Agency,” does business as Job Post Media and Job News.

2. For the purposes of “The Agency's” Terms and Conditions, “Advertiser” is defined as an employer or an employer's representative. “Advertisement,” “Advertising,” or “Ad” is defined as employment recruitment through print, web, broadcast, and/or job fair, or any electronically delivered ad, such as a display ad, text ad, email ad, video ad or similar (collectively, interactive

3. Customer acknowledges all Advertising is subject to “The Agency's” published “Terms and Conditions,” and customer agrees to be bound by same.

4. Advertisers and their advertising agencies assume full liability for all content (including text, illustrations, representations, copyrighted photos, trademarks, etc.) of advertisements submitted and published and also assumes complete liability for any claims arising therefrom made against “The Agency.” Advertiser further agrees to indemnify “The Agency” for any costs including attorney fees that may result from any claim.

5. Liability for error shall not exceed the cost of space occupied by item incorrectly produced. Claims must be made within seven (7) days of insertion. “The Agency” assumes no liability for omission of an advertisement from any media in which such advertisement was previously scheduled. Customer remedy for any such omission shall be to select another edition/available date for placement of advertisement or cancel advertisement and receive a full refund.

6. All editorial & advertising content of “The Agency” advertising in print, on the web, in broadcast, at job fairs or in other media is protected by copyright. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

7. Discounted multi issue/multi date/multi media Advertisements will be billed in a single invoice and payment for the total invoice will be due net 15.

8. When fulfilled Ads or postings are cancelled from a multi Ad invoice or multi Ad Discount Agreement, customer will be charged the difference between the discount and standard rate for all published or posted ads.

9. Web Subscriptions are due and payable for the entire term of the subscription when the subscription is first placed online. No refunds will be issued once a web subscription has begun. Subscriptions shall automatically renew for subsequent periods of the same length as the initial Subscription Term unless otherwise specified. Automatic subscription renewal can be terminated with electronic notice of termination emailed to [email protected] at least ten (10) days prior to the expiration of the then-current term.

10. All Invoices due Net 15. Non-compliance will result in Ad(s) cancellation and ADVERTISING paragraphs (2) and (4) above will apply.

11. All payments made with credit card will have a 2% fee added.

12. Prepaid Ads are non-refundable and must run within six months of invoice date, to avoid loss of credit.

13. Job News' credit policy is to offer credit to all Advertisers who maintain a reliable payment history with us. A credit limit may be reduced if the Advertiser has a poor credit rating, an unreliable payment history with us, one or more past due bills or cannot provide adequate company information to establish a credit history. Accounts not paid within 30 days of the date of invoice are subject to a 1.5% monthly finance charge, reduced credit limits and/or revocation of credit privileges.

14. Customer agrees to pay delinquent invoices by either Credit Card or Phone Check. All payments made with credit card will have a 2% fee added.

15. Delinquent accounts referred to a lawyer or collection agency will automatically lose any applicable discounts, and will be charged standard rates for all invoiced Ads, plus any applicable legal and/or Collection costs.

16. Ad(s) Cancellation and Ad(s) placed on hold will not be accepted until a signed Authorization is received from customer.

17. We reserve the right to classify all advertisements.

18. Job News utilizes a unique media blend of print, web, broadcast and job fairs to reach the highest possible number of qualified applicants. “The Agency” constantly “fine-tunes” web postings as well as job fair dates and locations to maximize job exposure for advertisers.

Advertising Cancellations

Job fairs –

Cancellations will be accepted up to two weeks prior to each event. Cancellations after that time, as well as no-shows on the day of the event, will be billed 100% of the booth package value.

Web –

  • No cancellations available for web postings.
  • Digital Recruitment Campaigns (DRC) can only be put on hold up to 6 months after the billing date.
  • Recruitment Event Campaigns (REC) can only be put on hold up to 6 months after the billing date.

Broadcast and other media –

No cancellations on broadcast accepted after Wednesday, 5PM for the following week's broadcast. If production costs have been incurred at the time of cancellation, Advertiser is accountable for the greater of $300 or actual costs incurred, regardless of time of cancellation.