Your Digital Solution for needs from Challenging Niche Roles to High Volume Recruitment
The Job News Digital Recruitment Campaign (DRC) is customized to your applicant profile based on your job description. Purpose-built with guaranteed results, your specialized recruitment campaign will drive targeted and relevant applicants to your pipeline.
Programmatic powered placement optimized by a dedicated campaign manager
Daily campaign monitoring to maximixe your budgets
Individually designed campaigns for your requisition with a one-on-one media consult
Omni-channel messaging seen in the email, across social media, search results, and across job boards
Customized and automated Applicant "Touch" communication via email and optional SMS
Various applicant delivery methods link into your ATS, email notifications, free use RestFul API, and employer dashboard
Impression Guarantee
Digital Recruitment Campaign
30 Day Campaign will include:
Social Media & Choice Placement Across Job Boards
The impression guarantee number will be communicated based on your posting inputs

Base Budget
Customized by a Job News Expert
Digital Recruitment Campaign
Highly Customized
Once booked, you will receive an email to book a 1:1 consult with your Job News Media Advisor
Your Budget is Currently
Customized and automated email response to your applicants from your Job News DRC

Digital Recruitment Campaigns are highly specialized recruiting campaigns that work exceptionally well for mid-to-senior level positions. Once registered, your Job News account manager will contact you for the details you want to include in your applicant response email. At that time, we will also have a conversation about backlinking to your ATS and email notifications. We will also provide you with information about your free use Restful API.

Digital Recruitment Campaign Testimonials
I am a believer in Job News digital recruitment. I am making sure that others in my company are also aware of the terrific results I have seen using their recruitment products.
– DHL Express
We employ over 6,000 employees nationwide including several of the Hawaiian Islands. As we continue to grow and take on new airline business we are in constant need of hiring. Job News continues to meet our recruitment needs, and we are very pleased with their results.
– Flying Food Group
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